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UnitedHealthcare Railroad Information DepotSM

UnitedHealthcare recently created a new website designed specifically for all Railroad   members.  This new website can be accessed at www.myuhc.com/groups/railroadinfo by all members regardless of their medical carrier, and provides important information you may need as an active, pre-retiree or retired Railroad member.

This new website provides answers to the most frequently asked questions and also provides a direct link to www.myuhc.com.  The new website contains information regarding dependent eligibility, Medicare, retirement, important UnitedHealthcare phone numbers, various health care hot topics and a section that contains the various forms Railroad members are required to complete. 

The forms section is one of the most exciting features of the new website.  Railroad members are now able to print them directly from the Railroad Information DepotSM website saving valuable time.  The forms available on the website include:

  • Period of Disability
  • Retirement Application
  • Provider Nomination
  • Beneficiary Affidavit
  • Supplemental Insurance 

The new website details certain information that may assist Railroad members in making important health care choices regarding:      

  • GA-46000 Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Benefit Plan & Medco Managed Pharmacy Services Benefit
  • GA-23111, Plan E supplement to GA-46000
  • COBRA for retirees losing dental/vision coverage
  • Medicare supplement (GA-23111 Plan F) for those eligible for Medicare
  • Medicare Prescription Part D coverage (includes a toll-free number for UnitedHealthcare)  

UnitedHealthcare continually strives to provide Railroad members with the highest quality service, as well as support tools to assist them in their daily decision making.  With the introduction of this new website, Railroad members may now have easier and faster access to the things they need the most.  All members are encouraged to visit the website and take advantage of this new resource.  


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