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New NEBF/NEAP Web Site

   Fall has arrived and with it the NEW NEBF website has been unveiled. On October 3, 2005 the site was redeployed with a great new look and feel. It is filled with facts and information for our participants, employers, local unions and benefit boards. We hope you find it a resource you will visit time and time again.


Visit us at www.nebf.com and www.neap.org.



In Other News:

  • La. IBEW Members Booted Off Project for Nonunion Labor
  • Radio Spots Highlight Anti-Union Rules at Department of Defense
  • Administration's Policies Hurt Katrina's Victims
  • Bush Suspends Davis-Bacon in Katrina-Stricken Areas
  • Baton Rouge Plant Workers Vote IBEW
  • "Common Sense" Guides IBEW Win at Louisiana Utility
  • Local Connections IBEW Made Products CIR Home NECA Home NJATC Home IBEW Hour Power Electrifying Careers Building & Construction Trades Electric TV Quality Connection